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Happy? - Fall of Fangel

Title: Happy?
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Pairing: Angel/Faith
Prompt: Costumes
A/N: Sequel to Touch by salvage_5x5


"So what are you two supposed to be?" Lorne asked in an overly cheerful tone as he approached the two brunettes. He had overdone it with his costume. His previously green skin was now covered in red body paint and he had a classy black suit with a red tie to go with it. He even managed to find a tail that looked almost lifelike.

"Uh, I'm a vampire?" Angel said, smiling through his fangs and pointing at his demonic features.

"And you, miss leather pants?" Lorne turned to Faith.

"I'm a biker! See, the leather pants, leather boots, tight low cut top, the whole nine yards," Faith responded, trying, and failing, to convince Lorne of her enthusiasm for the “costume.”

“You two… What am I going to do with you? Everyone, and I mean everyone is dressed up tonight,” he waved a hand gesturing at the collection of costumed demons and humans around the room, including even Spike, who was dressed up as space captain. Angel found that slightly odd considering Spike’s insistence that cavemen would definitely beat astronauts, but it was nice that he’d finally come around. “I’m kicking you out of here until you have the proper attire.”

Lorne walked behind the two, put an arm on each of their backs, and walked them to the door.

“See you soon! And I mean it when I say you’re not allowed back until you have costumes,” he said before turning back to the more excited guests.

“I’ll just go home. It’s not worth the hassle. I don’t even know what I’d dress up as…” Angel said to Faith, looking in at the party. He then turned to her, smiled softly, and added, “Like I said earlier, I’m really glad you showed up, even though it was for so short. See you again soon?”

“Hey, don’t turn in just yet. I have an idea for some pretty simple costumes.” She grinned.

“...but I don’t really dress up. What did you have in mind?”

“Come with me to my place. I’ve got a shirt you can borrow. Nothing fancy, but I know you’ll like it.”


Tags: angel x faith
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