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Training - [Faith/Angel]

Title: Training
Pairings: Faith/Angel
Warning:  PG-13
Authors note: AU, Angel stays after End of Days.
Summary: Faith and Angel show the potentials how to kill a vampire.

 He'd been ignoring her ever since he turned up in Sunnydale to help out with the big fight. Angel had showed up out of the blue and said that he was going to help train the slayers and participate in the big fight. Faith had been happy to see him, had said hi to have him just turn around and walk away, leaving her feeling hurt and confused. She's tried talking to him again to have him completely ignore her, not polite yes or no even, just walking away and leaving her there to feel worse about herself. She began getting paranoid, thinking of the little things she had done and wondering if they had been the cause of his new found hatred for her.

One training session Buffy asked Faith to do it instead of her so that she could spend some time with Dawn, the brunette slayer had agree'd because she didn't have anything better to do. As she walked into the room, ready to give the demonstration that Buffy had seemed so uncomfortable about as she explained that Faith would be showing them how to fight, she realized why the other slayer hadn't wanted to. Angel, the dark avenger himself was standing in his white vest top, arms crossed and his muscles tensing as she walked in. She looked at him for a moment, biting her lip and then turning back to the potentials who were watching with their all-too-watchful eyes.

"Okay, so, yeah... demonstration. Basic how-to's on fighting vamps." The brunette nodded and looked over at Angel, who had his eyes fixed on her and an un-readable expression on his lips. He nodded once and walked over to her, standing right next to her. "Okay, so... yeah. Watch."
She turned to Angel and began chewing her lip again, a small pinprick of blood surfacing on her lip and she saw his eyes dart down and then she was pinned to the ground, it took her a second to realize what had happened and then she kicked into action, headbutting him and flipping them over so that he was on his back, she put her fist over his heart. "Stake." She said, not wanting to actually stake him, she turned to say something to the potentials when she felt her back against the hard concrete again and his arms pinning her down, she looked up at him angrily. "What the hell Angel?! It's o-" "Teeth." He stated clearly and reached down to her neck, licking it. The slayer felt herself flush as he did so and her thoughts became cloudy, he could hear amused muttering coming from somewhere, when she finally focused and looked up she saw that he was looking down at her, his dark eyes looking straight into hers and making her melt.

"End of session. Go and get something to eat." His voice was like velvet and he didn't look away from her, she heard them all leave and the occasion wolf whistle as she looked up at him, her eyes locked and her mouth suddenly dry.

"Sorry I haven't said hello. Hi." He smirked a little, his eyes still trained on hers carefully.

"Yeah... hi." She nodded a little, her eyes leaving his for a second, just long enough for him to close the space inbetween them and kiss her passionately, a kiss she quickly returned as he unpinned her and she wrapped her arms around his neck, closing any distance that there might still be between the two of them as his hands roamed her body relentlessly, trying to feel every part of her supple skin under his fingers. When they finally pulled apart the slayer took in a deep breath as he kissed her neck, managing to choke out one word. "Soul."

He smirked and nibbled her ear, whispering softly. "Sorted."

She didn't ask how, it didn't particularly matter to her, she flipped them back over so that she was on top and grinned. "Well that changed everything." She leant in and kissed him again.

She knew that everyone was well aware of what had happened when she re-surfaced from the basement four hours later. Infact, she smirked right at the horrified faces of Robin and Buffy as she followed Angel outside.
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